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Granite Gathering

RG Program

Notes from the Chair
as of 1/26/2014

The 2014 NH Mensa Regional Gathering RG taking place
Friday, Feb 14 – Sunday, Feb 16 at the
Best Western Hotel & Suites in Portsmouth.

The Theme is "Warp Factor: RG"

Keep up with breaking developments on Facebook.

Make it so! Come 'trek' to NH! We'll program for many things Trek, a media phenomenon of multiple TV and movie series, innumerable gaming programs and an inspiration for generations of scientists, engineers and even astronauts. (Non-Trek fans will find a fine 21st century RG, also.) Featuring games, speakers, a fully prepared hospitality, movies and much more! Featuring games, speakers, a fully prepared hospitality, movies, and much more!! <Located easily off I-95>.

Registration Fee:
$60 until 11/15/2013,
$65 until 1/15/2014,
$75 thereafter and at door.
No meal package, meals included in hospitality.

Contact: Deb Stone,

Hotel (same as last year):
Best Western Wynwood
580 US Hwy 1 Bypass (Portsmouth Traffic Circle)
Portsmouth NH 03801
(Ask for "NH Mensa Regional Gathering" rate)
(603) 436-7600
Hotel Rates: $82.95 + tax Single or Double
($5 /additional adult/room)
Rates guaranteed until 1/22/2014

Map and directions to the Best Western Wynwood Hotel and Suites at 580 US Hwy 1 Bypass in Portsmouth NH):

From Rt 95N, take Exit 5 (US-1 Bypass/Portsmouth Circle) Continue straight until you enter the circle.
From Rt 95S, take Exit 5 (US-4/NH-16) toward Newington/Dover. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-1/Portsmouth Circle and merge onto NH-16S/Spaulding turnpike/US-4E. Enter the traffic circle.
From central NH, take Rt 101E to Rt 95N or come across Rt 4.  Merge onto NH-16S/Spaulding Tpk/US-4E via the ramp to Portsmouth. Enter the traffic circle.

Drive around the traffic circle until the hotel is on your right and take the road that turns off. The hotel entrance driveway will be on your right. The hotel phone number is (603) 436-7600.

Warp Factor RG t-shirt

Celebrate "Warp Fator: RG" with us and order your T-shirts soon! Estimated cost $10/tee, sizes M through XXL. Color Traditional Royal Blue, Silver embroidered threading. Order now, supplies limited!! Contact Deb Stone, for your order!

Latest Program Schedule
by 2014 RG Programming Chair

Welcome to the NH Regional Gathering! Thank you for coming to Portsmouth and sharing a weekend with us. Let's get away from the mediocrity of life, and strive for the stars, like Gene Roddenberry encouraged all of us to do in his creation, "Star Trek". We've all been inspired by it, from students to engineers to astronauts. Let's get away from it really fast, at "Warp Factor: RG"!!


6 to 8pm
* Dinner: Comfort Food ala Neelix's Kitchen

* RG Primer for newcomers (Tentative)
* Crafting with Sue Follansbee
* Music with Kyle Nickerson

* Tchipikaan: Divination Methods


7 to 9am
* Breakfast in Hospitality

* Ric Werme, "Windmill Projects in NH"
* Fern Brown, Odyssey of the Mind discussion

* In Kids' room, "Gak Making"

* Art Greenberg, "Mendeleev and His Ignoble Gases" (Creation of the Periodic Table)
* Lynette Hartwig, "The Opposite of Do-It-Yourself"

12 to 1
* LUNCH ((Kids Make Your Own Lunch in Kids' room))

* Ebarhard Moebius, "Everything From Nothing" (Story of the Universe)
* Jeffery Fetter, "Redemption in Star Trek"

* AG 2014 Last Chance Before Boston
* Debbie Hoffman Adair, "To Boldly Go Where No Person Has Gone Before (The World of Positivity and Possibilities)"

* Kids' Room, "Make a Toy Starship"

* Crafts with Sue Follansbee

* Poker Tournament in Boardroom

* Kevin Tremblay, "Gifting of Orgonite"
* Tchipikaan, " Energy Healing "
* (Meet & Greet) Meet the RVC

* Dinner From "Planet Mandarin"

* Music with King Chrome

Movie List

These are the movies of "Warp Factor: RG." Their two-day mission: to show Trek in all its forms, to entertain intelligent minds, to boldly show what no mensan has shown before! ((Okay, mebbe we've shown one or two of these before...))

pre-7pm not scheduled
6pm Star Trek: Into Darkness  (2013, PG13, 2h12m)
830pm Classic Star Trek:  "Space Seed"  (Season 1 ep 22, approx 50mins)
920pm Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan  (1982, PG, 1h53m)
1130pm Movie Room Closed
9am Tribble Triple Treat (Threat?)  
9am Classic Trek "The Trouble With Tribbles"
9:50am Animated Star Trek, "More Troubles, More Tribbles" (approx 25mins)
1015am Deep Space Nine, "Trials and Tribble-ations"  
11:10am Classic Trek, "A Piece of the Action"
12noon Galaxy Quest  (1999, PG, 1h42m)
2pm Classic Trek, "I, Mudd"
3pm Star Trek TNG, "Hollow Pursuits"
4pm Star Trek TNG, "Darmok"
5pm Star Trek TNG, "Parallels"
550pm Star Trek : First Contact (1996, PG13, 1h51m)
7:50pm Star Trek Voyager, "Bride of Chaotica!"
8:40pm Star Trek Enterprise, "Bound"
9:30pm Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home  (1986, PG, 2hrs)
11:30pm Movie Room Closed..  Live Long and Prosper! 

Kids Track

Please find the registration form and hotel information

See you there!

- Richard Conde, 2014 NH RG Chair

Get Involved! Volunteer! (It's half the fun, ya know!)
Email our to grab your piece of the glory...


More Coming Soon!!

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