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Thursday, September 21, 2017
(Not precise enough for ya?)
(OK, how 'bout this?)

  Welcome to the digital town common of New Hampshire Mensa. We're the Granite State's (and until recently, the Pine Tree State's) chapter of Mensa, the international society made up of people from all walks of life who share a single common bond: achievement of a score in the top 2% on one of many standardized intelligence tests. From that common bond in an otherwise diverse group comes a common purpose: sharing the enjoyment of pursuits that stimulate the mind.

Mensa is not a "think tank," and is entirely apolitical. It's primarily a social group, through which many great friendships come into being. Benefits of membership include a national magazine, local newsletters, over 150 national special interest groups, and local, national and international events, just for starters. Mensa is a place where nobody has to hide their intelligence. Here's a pretty good description.

Officially, NH Mensa is part of Region One of American Mensa, which in turn is part of Mensa International. There's some great general information about Mensa on the Mensa International web site. There's also some more specific information about the benefits of membership on the American Mensa web site, and info about our neighboring chapters on the Region One web site.

We currently have somewhere in the vicinity of 350 members in our chapter. If you're not one of those members yet, have a look around. Check out the Member Benefits page for some of the perks, and our local Events pages for an idea of how we pass the time. Then stop by the Admissions Testing Sessions page to see how you can join in the fun!

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Earthshakingly Important Stuff, Just Below the Fold


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This just in from the Home Office:
"Mensa Membership Month begins today! This year we will offer 50% off testing for the entire month of October 2015! That is just $20 to take the official Mensa Admission Test!"
Your excuses are puny! Contact our Testing Coordinator!

Attention harried schedulers! The NH Mensa website now employs a Google Calendar! You can find it linked from the main calendar page. If you already use Google Calendar, you'll appreciate the benefit of being able to now seamlessly and automatically integrate NH Mensa events to your personal itinerary. If you don't currently use Google Calendar, then you can go get yourself a free Google account, and find out what all the fuss is about (then get really silly and sync your calendar with your Blackberry!). Just follow the "+ Google Calendar" button in the bottom margin of the Calendar.

Now that you're pumped to volunteer (right?), NH Mensa's Executive Committee often isn't playing with a full slate (here's your chance for the inside track on next year's RG Chair honors!). Check out the currently open positions on the Officers page, then give our venerable a shout, or just show up at a monthly ExComm meeting and pull up a chair!



(I hear it's just ExComm members
trying to pad the stats...)

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