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Granite Gathering

Notes from the Chair
as of 2/12/2012

The 2012 NH Mensa Regional Gathering RG taking place
Friday, Feb 17 – Sunday, Feb 19 at the
Best Western Hotel & Suites in Portsmouth.

The Theme is "A Midwinter Weekend's Dream"

Keep up with breaking developments on Facebook.

Map and directions to the Best Western Wynwood Hotel and Suites at 580 US Hwy 1 Bypass in Portsmouth NH):

From Rt 95N, take Exit 5 (US-1 Bypass/Portsmouth Circle) Continue straight until you enter the circle.
From Rt 95S, take Exit 5 (US-4/NH-16) toward Newington/Dover. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-1/Portsmouth Circle and merge onto NH-16S/Spaulding turnpike/US-4E. Enter the traffic circle.
From central NH, take Rt 101E to Rt 95N or come across Rt 4.  Merge onto NH-16S/Spaulding Tpk/US-4E via the ramp to Portsmouth. Enter the traffic circle.

Drive around the traffic circle until the hotel is on your right and take the road that turns off. The hotel entrance driveway will be on your right. The hotel phone number is (603) 436-7600.

Latest Program Schedule:

by 2012 RG Programming Chair Claire Natola

New Hampshire Mensa's 2012 Granite Gathering: A Midwinter Weekend's Dream, is right around the corner! Register now to lock in the $65 rate, which expires on 1/15/2012. Find a registration form here.  

We'll be congregating at the Best Western Plus Wynwood Hotel & Suites at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle (580 U.S. Route 1). If you haven't booked your room yet, please do so soon to get the discounted room rate of $79.95 (plus tax) for single or double. (Each additional adult per room is $5.) Call the hotel directly at 603-436-7600 and ask for the "New Hampshire Mensa Regional Gathering" rate.

We have a plethora of programming on the schedule to tickle the little grey cells. Among the offerings:

Guitar - A Story
New Thought: It's a Secret
Woodwinds in the Electronic Age
How Does the Internet Actually Work?
Elements of Climate Change
Science Friction
What Does Mensa Have to Offer Single Members?
Making Sushi for Beginners
SP2: Shakespeare Meets South Park
Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture
Turbo-Kick and Zumba workshops

...and a super-exciting late-night talk for the adults

In addition, we are thrilled and honored to have on the schedule an appearance by Jeff Deck, co-author of The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time, the true story of a journey Jeff and his friend Benjamin Herson took around the country correcting typos on public signs along the way. Jeff and Benjamin have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC's Today Show, ABC's World News Tonight, and in numerous radio interviews. You won't want to miss Jeff's appearance!

Musical performances and full kids' programs are also being offered, as are our traditional all-day Movie Room, well-stocked Games Room, and bounteous Hospitality. Saturday evening features a sit-down Medieval Feast served to you by wenches while you enjoy minstrel entertainment. Plus, Pete the Bartender joins us from 9:00-11:00 p.m. both Friday and Saturday nights!

And speaking of musical performances...bring your instruments for Friday night's Open Music Jam from 10:00 p.m.-midnight. Be part of Mensans making beautiful music together!

PLUS...on Saturday afternoon, there will be auditions for The Big Band Theory: Musicians wanted! We're putting the band back together! Looking for male and female lead and backing vocals, keyboards, lead and rhythm guitars, and we're open to other instruments like sax, horns, and of course, cowbell. :-)

The "we" putting the band back together are Lisa Maxwell, Paul Mailman, and Rich Schwartz. Their objective is to put together a band to play a rock n' roll program at the 2014 AG in Boston. If that sounds like fun to you, come try out! Experience performing is NOT required.

Lisa, Paul, and Rich will be bringing lyric and chord sheets for about a dozen songs, their instruments, microphones and amps. They may have a keyboard available, but other than that, auditioners should bring their own instruments, and bring five copies of their own song sheets, and recordings (CD or MP3) of the songs.

You'll make some music together, and discuss how to plan to organize things like music selection, arrangements and rehearsals. It will be fun, and it will lead to a lot more fun between now and 2014!

So, as you can see, we have a great weekend packed with entertainment for you. We look forward to seeing you in Portsmouth!

Movie Schedule



A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)


Romeo + Juliet (1996)


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (ABRIDGED)




Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)


The Lion King (1994)


Looking For Richard (1996)


The Goodbye Girl (1977)


Hamlet (2000)


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1990)


Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare


The King's Speech (2011)


Richard III (1995)


Program Schedule


4:00  Hospitality and Games Rooms open

4:00-6:00 Afternoon Snacks (Hospitality)

5:00  Kids’ Room officially opens for the weekend.

5:00-7:00   Ice Breaker Games and Creative Time with Sue Follansbee (Kids’ Room)
Come join us and have fun as “A Midwinter Weekend’s Dream” kicks off. Play some simple getting-to-know-each-other games, decorate your name badge any way you’d like, and enjoy being creative.

6:00-7:00  Soup and Salad Dinner (Hospitality)

6:30-7:00  Newbie Primer (Music Pub)
Is this your first Mensa Regional Gathering?  Come to the Newbie Primer and Claire Natola will tell you everything you need to know and answer all your questions.  And if she doesn’t know the real answer, she’ll make something up that sounds incredibly convincing.

6:30-8:30 Film:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999, PG13, 1:56).  Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci.    Shakespeare’s comedy about a quartet of mortals whose romantic affiliations are played with by the gods of the forest.

7:00-8:00  Puck’s Mask Making with Liz Modesitt (Kids’ Room)
Puck, Oberon, Titania, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed are all fairy characters in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Make your own fairy mask using craft materials, a blank mask base, and your imagination.

7:00-8:00  Guitar - A Story (Music Pub)
Music sweeter than words confess,
    Or the minstrel’s powers invent,
    Thrilled here once at the light caress
    Of the fairy hands that lent
    This excuse for the kiss I press
    On the dear old instrument.
                                           James Whitcomb Riley
 The guitar has been described as an American icon, “a proud vehicle of America’s self-expression – its soundtrack.” (Author Tim Brookes)  Kyle Nickerson’s talk traces some of the origins, evolution, and interesting facets of this popular and influential instrument. This session includes display and demonstration of various guitars and their composition.

7:30-8:30  What Does Mensa Have To Offer Single Members? (Room 292)
Looking for your brainiac match? Join Rob Salkin to find out what Mensa can do to speed up your search and make the process a little more fun. By the way, put a blue dot on your badge if you’re single!

8:00-9:00  Coloring and Crafts with Liz Modesitt (Kids’ Room)
During this time, Kids’ Room will be open for supervised free play. Materials for coloring and simple arts’n’crafts activities will be provided, as well as games (Memory, Chutes’n’Ladders, etc.). This session will run multiple times during “A Midwinter Weekend’s Dream.”

8:00-9:00  Ice Cream Sundaes (Music Pub)

8:00-10:00  Kyle Nickerson Performance (Music Pub)
Join Kyle in the Music Pub for an intimate performance of tales and tunes.  From the roots of rock ‘n’ roll to current artists like Mumford & Sons, you’re sure to enjoy tonight’s musical selections.

8:30-9:30  SP2 - “Oh my God!  You killed MacBeth!  You Bastard!” (Badger)
Note:  This is a PG-13 presentation.  Join Kati Takacs, Josh Morrison, and Tim Slate from Vermont Mensa as they lead you in an interactive session of Shakespeare (Sp) meets South Park (SP), affectionately called “SP-Squared”.  This session will test your creativity with guided interactive mash-ups, test your logical (or illogical) association skills with a matching game, and challenge your knowledge in a twisted trivia contest. Find out what can happen when Cartman meets Brutus, when Chef meets Lady MacBeth, and when Mr. Garrison meets Romeo.  The three activities will be:
Mashing, or “How will thy mash that which is unmashable? (a la Butters - The Ungroundable)”
Matching, or “Chef told us that nature teaches beasts to -Blank- their friends” – cue Gene Rayburn.
Trivia-ing, or “To be or not to be?  That’s the question.  Mmmkaay?”

8:45-10:45  Film:  Romeo + Juliet (1996, PG13, 2:00).  Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes.  Baz Luhrmann’s vision of the play, set in modern day Verona Beach.  “Sword” refers to the brand name of a gun.

9:00  Room 292 closes for the night.

9:00  Kids’ Room closes for the night. All persons of any age MUST vacate the room at this time, with the only exception being authorized RG volunteers/staff.

9:00-11:00  Pete the Bartender (Hospitality)
Pete the Bartender mixes us his famous Mudslides and other cocktails!

10:00-12:00  Open Music Jam (Music Pub)
Bring your instruments to the Music Pub for an open music jam with fellow Mensans.

10:00-11:00  The Big O:  Types, Tips, and Techniques (Badger)
Note:  This is an adults-only presentation.  Did you know that men can experience the Big O three different ways, and a woman eight?  Did you know that you can easily make your experience more powerful, with just one simple technique?  Want to hear more? Join Alison Mewer Cowan for an entertaining and fun discussion on those things you’ve always wanted to hear about, but never knew whom to ask.  There will be an open Q&A included. Your questions are confidential.

11:00-12:00  Gen X/Y Meet-and-Greet (M&G Room)

11:00-12:30  Film:  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (2000, Not Rated, 1:29).  The Reduced Shakespeare Company, a trio of California actors, performs a hilarious 85-minute compression of the entire works of the Bard.

11:00-12:00  Shrimp and Champagne (Hospitality)

12:00  Meet-and-Greet Room closes for the night.

12:30  Movie Room closes for the night.  “What dreams may come...”


7:00-8:00  Coffee, Danishes, Fresh Fruit and Fruit Bread (Hospitality)

7:30-9:00  Coloring and Crafts with Liz Modesitt (Kids’ Room)
During this time, Kids’ Room will be open for supervised free play. Materials for coloring and simple arts’n’crafts activities will be provided, as well as games (Memory, Chutes’n’Ladders, etc.). This session will run multiple times during “A Midwinter Weekend’s Dream.”

8:00-9:00  Turbo Kick (Badger)
Join Alison Mewer Cowan for a Turbo Kick class!  Turbo Kick is a combination of intense kickboxing moves, as well as dance moves choreographed to high energy and motivating music.  It’s the ultimate cardiovascular challenge that’s a unique blend of intense intervals, strength, and endurance training.  Requires no previous kickboxing experience.  Bring a water bottle.

8:00-9:30  Saint Angilbert Waffles (Hospitality)
Waffles will be served until 9:30 or until waffles run out.

9:00-10:00  Shakespearean-Themed Puzzles with Liz Modesitt (Kids’ Room)
Try your hand at a series of word searches and other puzzles using words associated with William Shakespeare’s life, his plays and his other works.

9:00-10:30  Film:  Gnomeo & Juliet (2011, G, 1:24).  Animated.  Romeo and Juliet, but with garden gnomes.

9:30-10:30  Global Climate Change, Should We Be Skeptical? (Music Pub)
Join Eric Hoffman, Associate Professor of Meteorology at Plymouth State University, for a discussion of global warming and scientific uncertainty. Included will be a discussion about predictability and communicating uncertainty to the public.

9:30-10:30  Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture (Badger)
Shakespeare and Star Trek, Shakespeare and Schwarzenegger, Shakespeare and rap, Shakespeare and Superman. What’s up with that? In his provocative book Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture, UNH associate professor of English Douglas Lanier explores how and why it is that Shakespeare, perhaps more than any other major literary figure, is alluded to or adapted in so many different ways in contemporary popular culture, and for so many different audiences. His book addresses the history of Shakespeare’s interaction with popular culture and examines examples from many different mass media, including film, TV, comic books, popular fiction, and music. He takes up such subjects as popular representations of Shakespeare the man, tourist destinations and popular performance of Shakespeare, and the function of Shakespeare in advertising. Using this book as a basis, Lanier deftly unpacks the cultural baggage labeled with the “Shakespeare” tag. He invites the audience to think more fully about cultural production, and more seriously about the effects of popular culture on traditional high art.

9:30-10:30  How Does the Internet Actually Work?  (Room 292)
If you’ve ever wondered what actually  happens after you click on something -- how your computer sends the info telling what it wants, how it gets to where it needs to be, how the destination decides what to send you back, and what’s a cookie anyway -- then stop by for this enlightening presentation by Susan Misnick.

10:00-12:00  The Creative Odyssey with Fern Brown (Kids’ Room)
Participants in this workshop will use creative problem-solving skills to solve an assortment of verbal and hands-on challenges.  There will be a variety of brainteasers, requiring individual and teamwork skills, as well as small group activities.  Active involvement by each person in problems involving creating structures, communicating, and strategy will result in projects that highlight and embrace divergent thinking.  This workshop is based primarily on Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous problems, with additional “stumpers” for participants.  The goal of the workshop – to HAVE FUN!

10:30-12:00 Film:  The Lion King (1994, G, 1:29)  Animated.  A young prince seeks to avenge his father’s death at the hands of his uncle.  Or, a young prince spends idle time with ragamuffin friends while growing into the role destiny chose for him.  Sounds like Hamlet and Henry IV?

11:00-12:00  Elements of Climate Change (Music Pub)
There are few things as complex and as politicized as climate change.  While the short answer is “Climate is changing, always has, always will,” that doesn’t begin to explain how natural and anthropogenic actions change climate. Ric Werme will present an up-to-date look at CO2, solar activity, sea level, land use, and other elements of climate change and show how they interact and what we may expect.  Hint:  Don’t believe everything you hear from Al Gore.

11:00-12:00  Connecting Young People to Themselves, Their Culture, and Their World Through Shakespeare’s Text (Badger)
Project Shakespeare, a theatre education program celebrating its 18th year, offers an intensive theatre experience to middle and high school students to translate Shakespeare’s printed word from the page to the stage.  By focusing on theme to bridge the text to the world of the student, Deborah Shakespeare Thurber elicits the students’ strong engagement and passion in their storytelling. Together by telling stories through the prism of Shakespeare’s text, we change the world one audience member at a time.

11:00-12:00  New Thought: It’s a Secret (Room 292)
Whatever We can Conceive, We can Achieve.  There are a hundreds of life coaches, gurus and scientists working with the Law of Attraction, New Thought and other mental forces that are making dreams come true.  A panacea of techniques and “forces,” useful to obtaining our every wish, are as accessible as thinking.  Thoughts can be transferred and can manifest tangible reality.  Thoughts are things.  Although appearing magical, there are principles of life force useful in helping us reach our goals.  Open the door to your desired future; come experiment and explore with Kevin Tremblay.

11:00-12:00  Hell’s Ms Meet-and-Greet (M&G Room)

12:00  Kids’ Scavenger Hunt (Kids’ Room)
You will be given a list of items to collect and a bag to collect them in. Liz Modesitt will record the time that you pick up your sheet and also the time you return your sheet to her. The winner will be determined by a combination of how many items collected and total time, with bonus points awarded at her whim. All sheets must be returned to Liz Modesitt no later than 4:30 p.m. to be considered. Winner will be announced on Sunday during the closing remarks, and gets a prize and certificate.

12:00-1:30  Unsupervised Kids’ Food Break and Free Play (Kids’ Room)

12:00-2:00  Film:  Looking for Richard (1996, PG13, 1:51).  A documentary by Al Pacino about making a production of Richard III, talking with the cast and crew about the themes in it.

12:00-1:00  The Earl of Sandwich’s Buffet (Hospitality)

1:00-2:00  Woodwinds in the Electronic Age:  An EWI Show and Tell (Music Pub)
Electronic music has come a long way since the 1980s, and synthesizers aren’t limited to keyboard controllers anymore.  Steven Winikoff’s session will describe and demonstrate what can be done with wind MIDI controllers, i.e., electronic instruments that play like a woodwind instrument such as a clarinet or soprano saxophone.  The Akai EWI 4000s shown here will also make an appearance in the memorial/tribute concert at 8:30 p.m.

1:00-2:00  Science Friction (Badger)
“Science Friction” is what happens when science fiction rubs against science fact.  Space travel, television, and computers were once dismissed as fantasy, but are now commonplace.  Will Star Trek’s warp drive and transporters someday become reality?  When do we get our flying cars and time travel? Wil Howitt will examine some of the most intriguing inventions of science fiction, to see which will remain fiction and which might become real all too soon.

1:00-2:00  What’s an RVC? (Room 292)
Meet Andrew Heffernan, Regional Vice Chair of American Mensa’s Region 1 (the Northeast).  Find out who he is, and why he has a title with an acronym.  Andrew will discuss some of the goings-on in the region and with the Board of Directors of Mensa.  In addition, bring your questions, comments and concerns as well.  But please don’t throw your shoes at him.

1:30  Cribbage Tournament (Tournaments)
Dennis Higbee hosts our Cribbage Tournament.  Summon your competitive energy and show us your stuff!

1:30-2:30  Introduction to Modular Origami with Devin and Dexter Herald (Kids’ Room)
Have you always been intrigued by paper folding but never knew how to start?  Do you enjoy making things with your own hands?  Come to learn more about modular origami, which involves creating several identically-folded paper units (or modules) and assembling them into a finished model.  Come see examples of dodecahedrons, octahedrons, and other geometric solids created from 6 – 90 pieces of simple paper or even from paper plates!  By the end of the session, you will have learned how to fold and construct your own personal cube, which is created from six pieces of the basic Sonobe unit.

2:00-3:00  Flute Recital (Music Pub)
Join Winnie Witzen for flute music from around the world, spanning the ages.

2:00-4:00  Film:  The Goodbye Girl (1977, PG, 1:50).  Richard Dreyfuss won an Oscar for playing an actor stuck in an apartment with a divorcee (Marsha Mason) and her daughter, trying to portray “Richard III” as foppishly gay.

2:30-3:00  Rock, Scroll, Sword Tournament with Liz Modesitt (Tournaments)
Rock, Paper, Scissors with nothing more than a name change. Same rules and hand movements apply as in the original. Prize and certificate to be presented on Sunday.

2:30-3:30  Adventures in Typo-Hunting (Badger)
In 2008, Jeff Deck traveled across the country in an old Nissan Sentra, covering more than 12,000 miles in 2˝ months, finding and photographing signs that contained errors of spelling (No Tresspassing), punctuation (it’s for its), grammar, and logic. Armed with Sharpies®, chalk, Wite-out®, and other tools, Deck tried to fix as many of the errors as possible. He will present a humorous photographic report on his adventure and the book that arose from it, The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time.

2:30-3:30  Making Sushi for Beginners (Room 292)
A basic lesson on how to make your own sushi.  This will NOT include raw fish, but will include smoked fish, cooked shrimp, veggies, and rice.  David Melville will cover a few different types of sushi, from battleship rolls to hand rolls, plus sushi bar etiquette.

2:30-3:30  Young M Meet-and-Greet (M&G Room)

3:00-4:00  Mid-Afternoon Tea (Hospitality)

3:00-4:00  Language and Knowledge with Edgar Martin del Campo (Kids’ Room)
How do different languages shape how people think? Anthropologists who studied cultures around the world were interested in the ways in which tribal peoples used grammars that created different ways of knowing their surroundings. Kids will have fun with activities that will illustrate the differences between English and native languages from Mexico, Australia, the USA, and other countries.

3:30-5:30  Big Band Theory Auditions (Music Room)
Musicians Wanted:  We’re putting the band back together!  Looking for male and female lead and backing vocals, keyboards, lead and rhythm guitars, and we’re open to other instruments like sax, horns, and of course, cowbell.  The objective is to put together a band to play a rock n’ roll program at the 2014 AG in Boston. If that sounds like fun to you, come try out! Experience performing is NOT required.  Lisa Maxwell, Paul Mailman, and Rich Schwartz will have lyric and chord sheets for about a dozen songs.  You’ll make some music together, and discuss how to plan to organize things like music selection, arrangements and rehearsals.

4:00-6:00 Film:  Hamlet (2000, R for violence, 1:52).  Ethan Hawke plays Hamlet, who here is in modern day NYC, with something rotten at the Corporation Denmark.  Instead of kings, think corporate.

4:00-5:00  Social Media and Mensa (Room 292)
Want to enhance your social media experience in the Mensa realm and beyond? From events to online communities, Rob Salkin will help you discover what’s out there. Other expert users will be encouraged to share their tips and tricks to help casual users masquerade as web 2.0 masters. Yes, web 2.0 will be defined, but this is not a tutorial session for absolute beginners.

4:30-5:00  Wench Training (M&G Room)
Have you volunteered (or are you interested in volunteering) to be a serving wench at tonight’s Medieval Feast?  If so, please attend this Wench Training session.  And when your workmates ask what you did last weekend, your answer can begin with, “Well, there was wench training...”

4:30  Magic the Gathering Unsupervised Free Play (Tournaments)

4:30-9:00  Unsupervised Free Play (Kids’ Room)
There may be specific kid-friendly, but unsupervised, activities in the Kids’ Room between 4:30 and 9:00 p.m.; check at Registration or wherever RG notices are being posted on-site.

5:30-6:30  2014 AG Meet-and-Greet (M&G Room)
Deb Stone and Claire Natola (Co-Chairs of the 2014 American Mensa Annual Gathering in Boston) welcome to this meeting of the AG Committee anyone interested in hearing about our plans. Don’t worry; attendance at the meet-and-greet does not obligate you to volunteer (but we certainly wouldn’t turn down any offers!).  

6:00-8:00  Film:  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (1990, PG, 1:57).  Gary Oldman and Tim Roth play the titular characters in this play by Tom Stoppard, in which the characters live a curious existence while around them occurs Hamlet, the Shakespeare play, in which they are minor characters.

6:30-8:30  Medieval Feast (Badger)
Our Medieval Feast will be served by wenches with musical entertainment for the pleasure of all.  You are welcome to come and go as you like throughout the Feast.

7:00  Room 292 closes for the night.

8:00-9:00  TV Show:  Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare (1987, TV, :54).   A retelling of Taming of the Shrew, as told  in this iambic pentameter-ed episode of Moonlighting.  Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepard.

8:30-10:30  A Musical Tribute to Joe, Laurel, and Marge (Music Pub)
In 2011, Region 1 lost three beloved members of our extended Mensa family:  Joe Zanca in March, Laurel Ladd in May, and Marge Barnes in August.  Please join Steven Winikoff for a musical memorial and tribute to all three of them, featuring some of their favourite songs, with related stories and photographs — and please feel free to share any additional stories or photos of your own.

9:00  Kids’ Room closes for the night. All persons of any age MUST vacate the room at this time, with the only exception being authorized RG volunteers/staff.

9:00-11:00  Pete the Bartender (Hospitality)
Pete returns for another night of liquid heaven!

9:30  Poker Tournament (Tournaments)
It’s not an RG without a Poker Tournament.  Join Deb Stone for this traditional Saturday-night offering and play with the best.

9:00-11:00  Film:  The King’s Speech (2010, R for language, 1:59).  Colin Firth plays King George VI, who deals with a speech impediment with the aide of a very unconventional therapist (Geoffrey Rush) on the verge of WW II. There’s a King, a Speech, and even a Queen Elizabeth or two.  Close enough to Shakespeare. [Oscars for Picture, Director, Actor, Original Screenplay]. 

10:00  Meet-and-Greet Room closes for the night.

10:00-11:00  A Feast Fit for a Queen (Hospitality)
Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

11:00-12:45  Film:  Richard III (1995, R for violence and sexuality, 1:44).  Ian McKellan plays the lead in this adaption of Shakespeare, set in a facist 1930s England.

12:45  Movie Room closes for the night.  “ more meaning than a dream...”


7:00-8:00  Coffee, Danishes, and Fresh Fruit (Hospitality)

7:30-10:00  Coloring and Crafts with Liz Modesitt (Kids’ Room)

8:00-10:00  New Hampshire Mensa’s Traditional RG Brunch (Hospitality)

9:00-10:00  Zumba (Badger)
Join Alison Mewer Cowan for a Zumba class!  Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.  Bring a water bottle.

10:30  Closing Ceremony and Awards (Badger)

11:00  Kids’ Room Clean-Up
All assistance gratefully accepted!  No supervision of kids can be provided during this time, but anyone who does not get underfoot is welcome to hang out here while cleaning happens.

12:00  Hospitality Clean-Up
All assistance gratefully accepted!

12:00  New Hampshire Mensa Special Business Meeting (Music Pub)
Special Business Meeting to receive nominations for 2012 New Hampshire Mensa ExComm elections.

Please find the registration form and hotel information strong> here.

See you there!

- Holly Green, 2012 NH RG Chair

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