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Granite Gathering 2005
Phant-M: The Music of the Night

Notes from the Chair
The Speaker Chair Speaks
The Spirit of Volunteerism



New Event!
Music Plus Hospitality!

Notes from the Chair
as of 10/19/2004

If I only had a brain... We're going to try something, uhm, different this year. You'll have the chance to perform your own dissection! We'll have real brains, hearts, eyes, kidneys, and who knows what else! I can't guarantee the human variety, although I will try! We'll have handouts diagramming different structures, which you can identify in your own specimen. If you are interested in this, please send an e-mail to so we can make sure we are properly prepared for the amount of people interested.

We have a new room this year! Since our theme is Phant-M: The Music of the Night, we've added a new room, called Music Plus Hospitality. Bob Oxford has graciously offered to put together a full schedule of musical delights. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own instruments, from the washboard and spoons to cellos and French horns. The activities will range from structured to impromptu (I've rumors of karaoke since we discovered so much talent at Pilgrimage!). We will even have some dancing lessons! So be sure to stop by, and contact Bob beforehand if you have any questions. Note to self: Don't forget instruments!

Don't forget to order your shirt! We are offering a T-shirt and a polo style, both made of comfy hemp fabric. Hemp is not only stronger and softer than cotton, it's also more environmentally friendly. We won't have many, if any, extras for sale at the RG so make sure you preorder!


New Hampshire Mensa has decided we want to honor Joe Zanca for all his contributions to our society. We have therefore voted to sponsor a scholarship in his name. Joe was very honored, and has undertaken the fundraising! If any of you have ever seen Joe auction off a $5 bill, you know how effective he can be! However, this means we need to raise more money for our scholarship fund, so please consider donating to the book sale or silent auction. You can clean out your closets and bookshelves, donate to a good cause, and possibly go home with some new treasures! Our RG is the only fundraising event we have all year, and your donations really help.

Registration is only $65 if received before 1/15/05. It's a great deal, especially with a full Saturday night BBQ buffet from K.C.'s Ribshack included in registration. Also, make your hotel reservations early, as the block of rooms reserved at the special price fills up quickly. If anyone is interested in sharing a room, contact . I'll keep a list and connect interested parties. And most of all, GET INVOLVED and help to make this the most successful RG we've ever had!


The Speaker Chair Speaks

Well, it’s finally here! Everyone on the RG Committee looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at Granite Gathering 2005!

As you’ve surely noticed by now, music will play an important part in the festivities of the weekend. We’re all excited about the new Music Plus Hospitality Room. Even if you think you may be musically challenged (like I am), I bet you’ll really enjoy everything that is in store. Many thanks to Bob Oxford for all his hard work in organizing this important part of the RG!

Among the many activities Bob has planned are an informal music jam, a percussion jam, conducting, karaoke, and sing-alongs. I might even bring my didjeridu, but I don’t want to frighten anyone away.

We are putting the finishing touches on the schedules of our three speaker tracks, and are confident that everyone will find something of interest. Among the presentations:


You Can Get There By Train: a Journey through Croatia, Hungary, the Ukraine, Russia, China, and Mongolia


Don’t Save The Planet: A Discussion of the Modern Environmental Movement


A Woman in an All-Male World: Working in a Male Maximum Security Prison

You’ll also find presentations on Taoism, Self-Hypnosis, and an introductory t’ai chi class. And start thinking about dreams you’d like to share in Bette Lewicke’s workshop on techniques for remembering and analyzing dreams.

Many thanks go to John Sheehan for his assistance arranging several presentations, in addition to the services of a Licensed Massage Therapist! Yes, we will have seated massages available at reasonable prices, with proceeds going to our local scholarships. Does it get any better than that?

Great food, music, presentations, and camaraderie! If you’ve never been to an RG, this is the one to make your first. If you haven’t been to one for a long time, we think you’ll be delighted at what you’ll find, and want to return year after year. See you there!


The Spirit of Volunteerism
Never Been to an RG Before?
Never Been to a Mensa Event Before?
Then What Are You Waiting For?

We especially want to involve you new folks. We know where you are, 'cause we've been there, ourselves, when we first joined Mensa. If you've never been to an RG -- or any Mensa event, for that matter -- or have never volunteered, here's your chance to jump in with both feet! There's nothing like being part of the volunteer team to get you into the heart of things instantly. Don't let the fact that you haven't met all these new friends yet keep you away: come help out and we guarantee that you'll know at least five new friendly people before Registration even opens on Friday! We'll put you to light work, you'll have fun, and there's no better social icebreaker than being a volunteer on the team along with the great regulars from previous years. Sign up at the RG Registration table.

Here Are Positions/Areas Where We REALLY Need Help!
(Yes, actually, we DO need help in other areas, too,
but that's between us and our analysts...)

Games Chair:   herding playful cats
RG Primer:   indoctrinating the innocent
Gifted Children's Room   herding small playful cats
Youth Coordinator:   herding-- aw, who am I kiddin'...
Speaker Escorts:   Whole bunches!
Gofers   ("I said 'gofers,' not 'golfers!'")

And we need BAKERS!  Lots of BAKERS of things for the Like Water for Chocolate Orgy! We also need folks to volunteer to bake bread, cookies and non-chocolate things as well. Contact our Hospitality Chair, Sue Barnes at

We'll need lots of help on premises, so don't be shy -- just ask!

Primary Positions and the Lucky Volunteers Who've Snagged Them
(there's lots more to do, so don't give up hope for glory

just because some weasel already grabbed your forte...)

RG Co-Chairs:     Darlene Alleman & Walter Wakefield
Registrar:     Deb Stone
Programming Chair:     Claire Natola
Hospitality Chair:     Sue Barnes
Games Chair:      --open--
Movie Room Chair      Rich Conde
MusicPlus Room Chair     Bob Oxford
RG Primer:     Laurie Levesque
Biermeister:     Bill Alleman
Icemaster:     Jim Barnes
Gifted Children's Room:     Perry and Kimberly Barnett
Mensa Test Proctor:     TBD
Youth Coordinator:      --open--

Get Involved! Volunteer!
 (It's half the fun, ya know!)
Email our to grab your piece of the glory...


More Coming Soon!

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