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Granite Gathering 2004: Rock On, Old Man!

Notes from the Chair
The Speaker Chair Speaks
The Spirit of Volunteerism



Notes from the Chair

The Old Man went south this year, so we’re bringing him back for the “I Wanna Go Where It’s Warm” Reunion Tour on the infamous 12th Floor of the Holiday Inn at the Center of New Hampshire! Warm, hearty NH homemade soups and stews; new member icebreaker/primer; ice cream; international coffee; succulent shrimp; “Like Water for Chocolate” orgy; Sexual Trivia; Lunch in Acapulco; hotel-provided pigout “luau”; boat drinks; “tiki” pool party; gifted children’s room; movies; book sale; auction; poker tournament; games galore; best Hawaiian shirt, wet t-shirt and other contests; speakers, speakers, speakers (see below!); and, of course the best beer selection EVER!

Please join us at the End of the Universe in Manchester!

Late-breaking request: Hey, if you're still vacillating (and we all know how painful that can be) on whether to attend Saturday's sumptuous banquet, we're in need of about a dozen more confirmed nutritional hedonists to make the hotel happy. What the hey, they make us happy. Please let Deb, our , know ASAP!

SPOILER ALERT!  Need to know exactly what you'll be doing every hour of the RG? Lighten up! Oh, ok. Here're the daily schedules and the full program, hot off the presses...

Additional Information:
Registration cost: $55 after 12/31.
Registration fee discount of $10 for age 8-17; under age 8 is free
Saturday night buffet dinner: $23/person (we need 50 people for it to be buffet style)
Kid's chicken fingers meal:  $12.95
Sunday brunch: $9.95/person
(Menus for above-listed feasts)
Make checks payable to New Hampshire Mensa
Registrar: Deb Stone (see registration form)

Holiday Inn at the Center of NH (including interactive map and directions)
700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101
603-625-1000, ask for the NH Mensa RG rate (cannot use toll free # for this)
Hotel rates are:
Single/Double: $89, Triple/Quad: $99
As of 2/7, the rates are still available!
Separate Smoking Accommodation
Handicapped access
Hotel/Airport shuttle
$2/day hotel parking fee (included in bill for hotel guests); vouchers for others.

Pool Party: Saturday, 10PM-Midnight
Please note that this is NOT clothing optional (don't ask -- it all happened before my time). Center of NH non-Mensa guests, potentially including minors and children, will have use of the pool during this time just as we do, so please adhere to the hotel and pool rules that apply to all Center of NH guests. Normal operating hours end at 9PM, just FYI, but are being extended. It's uncertain whether the pool will be closed from 9-10PM.

Women's/Co-Ed Wet T-Shirt Contest?
In advertising the more humorous version of the wet t-shirt contest scheduled for mainstream hours on the 12th Floor, it's come to my attention that there might be a demand for the resurrection of a poolside women or co-ed wet t-shirt contest. If you're interested in this, please let know -- the availability of interested female participants dictates whether or not we have a poolside version, or move the Hospitality one poolside and make it co-ed.  Thanks!

The Speaker Chair Speaks

Here is the latest (as of 1/5/04) information we have on speakers, but there's certainly more to come.  Time and room will be announced in the RG schedule.

  • The Free State Project -- Jason Sorens, founder and Chairman of the Board of the Free State Project has agreed to hold a workshop at the RG to elaborate on the Free State Project effort.  Please join us -- we expect this to be the highlight of the RG Speaker Program this year!
  • CASA -- We'll have representatives from the Court Appointed Special Advocates of NH on hand to talk about the program, provide information and volunteerism opportunities both in NH and their branches throughout the Eastern Seaboard states.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sister -- Representatives from Big Brothers/Big Sisters will be presenting a workshop on the program, success stories, and how to get involved in your local/state chapter if you're one of those Mensans who's always wished for a Mensa-linked opportunity for community activism.  Come join us!
  • Employment Workshop by Robert Half -- Robert Half has agreed to provide a representative to hold a workshop on how to conduct a successful employment search, perhaps leading into a second workshop of résumé critique.  Details are being ironed out, but we have a commitment for this event, so keep checking here!
  • Canterbury Shaker Village -- Meet veteran Interpreter Darryl Thompson and learn all about the Shakers and the Canterbury Shaker Village. The Village was founded in 1969 to preserve the heritage of the Canterbury Shakers.
  • Local Mensans Bette Lewicke and Dann Mauro presenting workshops on "dream analysis" and "Vampires, Werewolves & Witches: The Supernatural as Primitive Science".

Speakers in these areas are still pending: 

The Spirit of Volunteerism

Never Been to an RG Before?
Never Been to a Mensa Event Before?
Then What Are You Waiting For?

This year, we really want to involve you new folks – we know where you are because we’ve been there ourselves when we first joined Mensa.  If you’ve never been to a Mensa event, or an RG, or have never volunteered, here’s your chance this year!  There is nothing like being part of the volunteer team to get you into the heart of things instantly.  Don’t let the fact that you’d know no one keep you away – come help us and we will guarantee that you know at least five new friendly people before Registration opens that Friday!  We’ll put you to light work, you’ll have fun, and there’s no better social icebreaker than being a volunteer on team along with the great regulars from previous years.  Sign up with Lynn at the RG Registration table.

 Here Are Positions/Areas Where We REALLY Need Help!
(Yes, actually, we DO need help in other areas, too,
 but that's between us and our analysts...)

Best Hawaiian Shirt Contest:   Judges/MCs/Entrants
Wet T-Shirt Contest:   Judges/MCs/Someone to hold the fan!
Wet T-Shirt Contest:   Entrants (male only, please!)
How Many Mensans Can You Fit
into a 10XL T-shirt Contest:
Best Hugs Contest:   Secret Judges (shhh! we need 1 more...)
New Member Mentors:   Volunteers
Adult/Children Dried Beans
 & Spoon Race:
Kissing Booth Contest:   kissers, money counters (**see rules below)
Biggest Butt Contest:   MC/judges/volunteers
Largest Male Nipple Contest:   (same MC/judges/volunteers from the wet t-shirt contest)
Speaker Escorts:   2~3
Gofers   ("I said "gofers,' not 'golfers!'")

**There will be one booth/table for men, one for women, and the contest is to see which team can raise the most scholarship money.  Saran wrap for the kissers is optional, no frenching or tonguing. Well, not on the clock, anyway...

And we need BAKERS!  Lots of BAKERS of things for the Like Water for Chocolate Orgy!  We also need folks to volunteer to bake bread, cookies and non-chocolate things as well. Contact our Hospitality Chair, Sue Barnes at

We'll need lots of help on premises, so don't be shy -- just ask!

Here Are the Primary Positions/Areas Where Have Volunteers!
(there's lots more to do, so don't give up hope for glory

just because some weasel already grabbed your forte...)

RG Chair & Co-Chair:     Lynn Pina, John Lewicke
Assistant RG Chair:     John McGondel
Registrar:     Deb Stone
Programming Chair:     Lynn Pina
Hospitality Chair:     Sue Barnes
Games Chair:     Darlene Alleman
Movie Room Chair      Rich Conde
RG Primer:     Bromley Baril, Wendy Birchmire
Biermeister:     Bill Alleman
Headhunter Bartender:     Bromley Baril
Icemaster:     Jim Barnes
Dried Beans & Spoon Race
    Julie Thompson
Sexual Trivia Moderator:     Laurie Levesque
Kissing Booth Moderator/Bouncer:     John McGondel
Mensa Test Proctor:     Marty Capodice
Youth Coordinator/Gofer:     Ben Thompson

Get Involved! Volunteer!
 (It's half the fun, ya know!)
Email our to grab your piece of the glory...



Saturday Night Buffet "Luau"
(replaced by chef's choice of chicken entreé if we don't get 50 participants)
Garden Salad, Fruit Salad
Chicken Marsala and Beef and Wild Mushroom Ragout
Sweets Table

The kid's meal is Chicken Fingers and Fries, with dessert (the
same as everyone else is having) and beverage (typically milk).
Age limit is 12 and under and the max children's meals prepared per group is 10.
There is no substitution.

Sunday Brunch Buffet
The typical offering on the brunch:
Omelette, Waffle Station - made to order.
Eggs, french toast, bacon, sausage, homefries, fresh fruit, pastries,
cereal, juice, and coffee, tea, decaf.


More Coming Soon!

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