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RG News 2018

"What's an RG?," you might ask. Well, for the uninitiated (and you're gonna kick yourself for waiting so long), "RG" stands for Regional Gathering. They're annual weekend-long parties hosted by local chapters where you'll find great food and drink, even better conversation, games, speakers on eclectic topics, Mensans from far-flung places, and general grand camaraderie and merriment. (I've even heard rumors of inter-chapter marriages resulting from these things! };-> ) Here's a short FAQ . We're fortunate to have a number of chapters here in the northeast that regularly host smashing examples. You gonna miss another one?

This is your electronic Information Central for All Things NHMRG.

NH Mensa plans to lay out the spread again February 16~18, 2018 at the Best Western Portsmouth Hotel and Suites for

Silly Walks to the End of the Universe

until the next Granite Gathering!

Here is PDF version of the 2018 RG Regstration Form

While we're on the subject, we're (always) on the lookout for Mensans who know how to throw a party to join the merry band of inspired lunatics who will be putting on the upcoming edition of The Granite Gathering. Get involved! Got an idea? Got a question? Go here to get some ideas from a past RG on how you might help at this RG, then email the RG Chair to grab your piece of the glory...