Regional Gathering Info

Movie List

2nd Floor - Room 294

8pm Life of Brian
9:45pm Get Out **4 OSCAR Nominations**
1130pm Movie Room Closed
9:15am Time Bandits  
11:15am The Princess Bride
1pm Music Videos from "Weird AL" Yankovic
2pm Comedy skits by Key & Peele
2:30pm Internet comedy shorts from JP Sears and Thomas Sanders
3:30 Internet cutural observations from "Trixi" the German
4pm Comedy shorts from Funny or Die and College Humor
4:30pm The classic Monty Python skits, including "Dead Parrot", "Cheese Shop", and "Department of Silly Walks"
6:15pm "The Orville" Episodes 7 and 5 ("Majority Rule" & "Pria")
8pm A Fish Called Wanda
10pm Monty Python and the Holy Grail
11:30pm Movie Room Closed..  Stop that! Stop that now! 

(*If you could bring a DVD copy of any of the following movies to the RG, we'd be grateful and would return it promptly:
Life of Brian, Time Bandits, Princess Bride, Fish Called Wanda
--if not, we have other means available *)
RG Movie Guy,