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The Speaker Chair Speaks

Confirmed speakers and events so far:

«» Friday night «»
«» New Member Social

«» Music Jam Session

«» Saturday «»
«» Mensa Admissions Test

«» Hands-on Tarot Training
(Cynthia Collins) Want to learn to actually read those strange cards?  This is the place!  Bring your own deck if you have one, or feel free to use one of mine.  We'll be reading for ourselves and for each other, as well as taking a look at some ways to answer specific questions!

«» Wordplay: The Secret Life of Words
(Claude Caswell) This presentation will be an interactive session focusing on ways to play with words. Participants will be asked to write some very bad poetry, create a psychological word picture of themselves, and yodel in a foreign language.

«» The Climate Symphony
(Marty Quinn) Experience the world as music. This tour of sonification information designs takes the audience on a sonic journey through DNA, ice cores, water ice on Mars, brain wave data, the Northwood CA earthquake, solar storms and more...all represented as music.

«» Naturopathic Health: Practical Applications
(David Olarsch) Ever wondered at the truth about what foods are right for you or how to sort out all those conflicting experts who give advice? You'll learn how to design a supplement program that's right for your body. This talk will also cover a variety of naturopathic health topics: can you really retard the aging process, raise your IQ, or affect your moods with food? Ample time will be allowed for questions. This session will provide a lot of useful and practical information -- so you'll want pen and paper!

«» Eat Like a Wild Man – and Woman
(Rebecca Gray) Come learn about the joys and challenges of obtaining, preparing and eating wild edibles from morels to moose meat.  You’ll hear stories of a life hunting, fishing, foraging and always searching woods and water for fantastic stuff to eat. Addressing questions such as how to tackle the tricky or questionable stuff, both ethically as well as in the kitchen. Or, "when in doubt, throw it out," in fact don't even touch it. There will be time for lots of questions.

«» Emotional Intelligence: Is it real? What does it predict?
(Marc Brackett) Maybe you've heard all the hype about Emotional intelligence (EI). EI concerns the ability to perceive, integrate, understand, and regulate emotions. There is a question as to whether EI really is an intelligence or just a proxy for another personality variable. In this talk, I will present some questions (and some answers): What is the relation between EI, general IQ, and personality? Does EI predict anything important about people's lives?

«» How the State of Maine Railroaded an Innocent Man into Prison for Life
(Jim Moore) The murder of a 12-yr-old babysitter; public wrath; pressure on officials who took the easy route and solved their problem by withholding evidence, lying, railroading an innocent, college-educated farmer into life imprisonment, and covering up their deeds. Probing this case also exposed serious defects among many of those comprising Maine's legal community - a situation that's probably not confined to Maine. The legal system failed and the only hope now is public outrage aimed at Maine's officials with demands for justice.

«» Introductory astronomy
(Ed Ting) Ed is back by popular demand to discuss the basic principles of visual and observational astronomy.  There will be a slide show, a question and answer session, and (weather permitting) a skywatch later that night with live telescopes from the New Hampshire Astronomical Society.

«» What’s Up?
(Tom Rankin) Tom will discuss current events in Astronomy. His talk will focus on what we can see up in the sky for the next few weeks, as well as what we can't see in the sky but that is up there just as well. If you have any Astronomy (NOT Astrology!) type questions for Tom, feel free to bring them and ask away. He'll do his best to en-light-en you.

«» Earth: A Recycle Station for Consciousness and DNA
(Vic Zeller) This a VERY broad based view of the nature of the universe based on my experiences, interests, curiosity and research concerning UFOs, lost civilizations, origins of mankind and religions. And furthermore upon my home studies on the mystical nature of consciousness and being as provided by the Rosicrucians and Edgar Cayce. A suggested readings list and some handouts will be provided.

«» Fire in the Sky! a.k.a. Pyrotechnics for Mensans
(Matt Shea)

«» Was This Man Robin Hood?
(Ed Gray) Is a 650-year-old paper trail still warm enough to track an archer named John Dancaster from a French prison in The Hundred Years War to the silver screen of the 20th century? Ed will share the evidence he gathered while writing a screenplay based on the siege of Guines in 1352. No final verdict is expected, but if you've got some evidence of your own -- documents, coin of the realm, drinkable mead -- bring it along.


More Coming Soon!

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