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Granite Gathering 2002

Notes from the Chair

RG planning is coming along. If anyone would like to see part of the process, come to the planning meeting on Dec 19, at Allemanse in Weare (directions in your Momentum newsletter). Whether or not you can volunteer, you're welcome to be there.

Also, we are still looking for a Hospitality Chairman. This involves setting up all food and drinks for the weekend. You would have lots of help on amounts, shopping, schedules, etc. from me and my best helper. Also, if not for the whole weekend, if anyone would be willing to take on setting up one meal at the RG, speak up! Do Friday supper, or Saturday lunch, or set up breakfast, without being responsible for the rest of the weekend.

I'm open to suggestions, help with our wonderful party!

Hi again! The RG is shaping up well, lots of interesting speakers booked, lots of food being prepared, lists made for the rest of it! The next planning meeting will be on Jan. 21st, at Allemanse in Weare (directions in your Momentum newsletter). Come if you want to help, or just to hear what's going on.

Also, don't forget to register for your room at the hotel. The cut-off date for the guaranteed room rate is Jan. 24th, after that date you might not get the special rate. We want to see you there, and as a Yankee of long lineage, I want to see you get it for the least amount!

Thanks to those of you who have already registered, and looking forward to seeing you all there!

The Speaker Chair Speaks

If you have been to RGs in the past, then you know NH puts on one of the best. If you’ve never attended an RG (or even had a chance to attend a Mensa event yet) you will be pleasantly surprised by the informal, congenial, and relaxing atmosphere at these weekend parties. At an RG, you will enjoy the company of 150-200 people who are guaranteed to understand your jokes and be willing to chat about anything under the sun (politics to tarot cards to current events to hobbies to music to you name it).  On Friday night an RG Primer session will be offered so that newcomers can ask questions and get information about RG norms, offerings, and ideas for making the most of the weekend. New attendees ALWAYS find themselves welcomed at NH regional gatherings.

Your registration gets you a homemade Friday night dinner, as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday, a program bursting with speakers, events, and activities, access to the pool, a separate children’s program, a dozen movies, late night Irish coffee, and of course our 24-hour smoking and non-smoking hospitality rooms – replete with munchies, beer, wine, soda, juice, and a full-fledged don’t-hold-me-back chocolate orgy.  The games rooms (smoking and non-smoking) will be open all weekend and several tournaments are planned for Saturday: poker, Settlers, Kings Cribbage, and several Cheapass games. Unfamiliar with these games?  No problem, we’ll be offering tutorials the night before. (In the meantime, you can check out and  You’ll also find the Mensa Boutique, signed copies of speakers’ books, and a silent book auction to raise money for our scholarship program. P.S. if you have any books, CDs, or videos you’d like to donate we would appreciate that.

As for the excellent lineup of speakers, there’s certainly something for everyone. A former car salesman will reveal to us the tricks that dealers use when selling us cars – and will give tips for dealing with them.  A premier NH astronomer will talk about buying telescopes and will also answer your questions about the stars. If weather permits, telescopes will be available outdoors after dark for viewing stars and the moon.  A technical consultant to the X-Files and Babylon 5 and author on the topic will discuss the science behind science fiction.  An expert on DNA evidence in the courts will share some of his controversial observations about the escalating tension between beliefs between individual and collective identity.   Brought back by popular demand, a state trooper from the explosives unit will speak on issues that have become all the more important since September’s terrorist attack.  If you have children, you can learn how to safely teach them to swim (bring bathing suits).  A non-fiction and a fiction author will both talk about their books. One outlines the five steps to successful relationships and another asks what would happen if your Internet provider was really a cult and you were trapped.  We expect to host a joke-off and a fishbowl as well (as in a fishbowl discussion of everything you ever wanted to ask the opposite sex but were too afraid).

In addition to everything described above, you can opt to purchase tickets for the sumptuous Saturday evening dinner banquet and a Sunday brunch buffet. Please download a registration form off this website or use the one in your most recent copy of Momentum.


More Coming Soon!

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