NH Mensa Officers

Elected Officers

Local Secretary Richard Conde LocSec at

Assistant LocSec Deb Stone AsstLocSec at

Recording Secretary Mark Becker RecSecretary at

Treasurer Sue Barnes Treasurer at u

Member At Large Richard Schwartz MemberatLarge1 at

Member At Large Holly Green MemberatLarge2 at

Member At Large Cathy Segedy MemberatLarge3 at

Member At Large Allison Rainville MemberatLarge3 at

Appointed Officers

Momentum Editor Cathy Segedy Editor at

Calendar Editor Sue Barnes Calendar at

Publisher Ric Werme Distribution at

Programming - Open -

NH Gifted Children - Open - GiftedChildren at

Young Mensa - Open - YoungMensa at

Public Relations - Open - PublicRelations at

Testing Coordinator - Open - Testing at

Membership Officer Mark Becker Membership at

Scholarship Officer Mark Becker Scholarship at

Ombudsman Lynne Fox Ombudsman at

Webmaster Kevin Champagne Webmaster at

NH RG Chair Deb Stone RGChair at

American Mensa Officers

NH SIGHT Coordinator - Open - SIGHT at

RVC, Region One Ian Strock RVC1 at

If your email to an officer bounces, please notify the Webmaster.