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Membership Musings

New Hampshire Mensa - Membership

Fellow Mensans,

Ahh, here in northern NH the winter that really wasn't is having its last hurrah with a bitter cold spell that is just about to break. Temps should start to warm up in the next few days, I write this March 8th and Spring is just around the corner.

Speaking of Spring, now's a great time to start thinking about trying a different event to attend or maybe even starting your own event. Spring has a way of chasing us all out of the house looking for something to do. Now's a great time to get folks to show up for something you've been wanting to do but haven't gotten around to. Schedule a mini-golf night or an eat at a new restaurant night, whatever you wish, get it to the calendar editor in time, with all of the information, maybe post it in the forum online or just email a few other Mensans, and "poof" you have yourself a Mensa Event where you'll see some of the same faces and perhaps meet some new folks. Then you can decide to try another the next month or even make whatever your event was into a monthly if that is the case. Whatever you wish. That's the great thing about it. Try whatever you like, whatever interests you. It doesn't matter what it is, you'll probably find out there are other Mensans who would also like to at least check it out. Mensa, it's the Mensans. :-)

On another note, I have heard that the Regional Gathering was a huge success, and the wonderful stories of the fun and great times folks had are trickling in. A job well done by all those who put in the time and energy to pull it off and put the whole thing together. A fabulous job by all I have been told by quite a few sources. I welcome any stories folks would like to share from the week-end and any and all may be forwarded to me.

Related, I was wondering about a scrap book possibly being made for each year if one wasn't already. That way we could always have it. We could have the sign in information and pictures and little notes from folks attending. I think it would be nice, and as I said, I will bring it up and ask if that is already being done and if it isn't I will ask if it could be brought to a vote by the officers to have one made and kept from each year. Just a thought.

Well that's enough for me, I am very busy moving to a new location. The Mensa Event held monthly at the restaurant is still on for March but will be held 12 miles north in Historic Bartlett Village at our new location in April and thereafter. Perhaps in our Owl's Lair Pub, we'll see...

My best to everyone, and please, get out and enjoy yourself at an event this Spring even if you have to create one yourself. Meet folks and enjoy the company of those you may not have seen for a while. Catch up on the wonderful things going on all around us, and be among friends.


Membership Officer


Border Patrol
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