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Catch up with Eileen's previous
musings in her own personal

Picea Candidus

"The Time Has Come"
Chapter One
By Eileen Linda McGondel
(Edited and based upon an idea suggested by John Flynn McGondel)

I am sitting here in a cave which is an entry way into the heart of the Arizona mountains; a cave in which hundreds if not thousands of generations of various native-American civilizations have inhabited at one time or another. It is held by many to be a gateway to understanding and a place of physical and emotional healing, nestled in a canyon, with the entrance shielded from the casual observers by a clump of shrubberies, very near to Sedona, AZ. I had tripped while side-stepping a rattlesnake as I hiked, and just when I was about to lose all hope of surviving I was happened upon by what appeared at first to be a wandering desert nomad. He helped me to get past the shrubberies and into the cool shade of this cave, which has the best tasting water I have ever drank. He told me that nobody would believe me, and now that I see that he was correct, I have decided to just document with these words everything that he told me. If he can be likened to Socrates, then I would be his Plato- since there are no records of Socrates' words except those written down by his student Plato. I shall be the one who ensures that his words will not die with him. Remember when you get to the end of this, that he said you would not be likely to believe me. But believing it is not necessary in order to understand the message. I expect 'them' to dig me out of this hole in the Arizona mountains and then to silence me after a thorough "interrogation". So, it will be up to you and others like you to help preserve his version of current events and history, because those whom have tried to before have all been incarcerated or met with 'untimely' deaths. I imagine mine also will be untimely...

The sunrise that day had been my first hint of the brutal sunshine which the day would bring, so I decided to start my nature hike earlier than usual. Hiking here in Arizona can be a dangerous hobby, but since this was my line of work I had little choice in the matter, so I only had to be concerned about where in particular looked interestingly-good to me. As usual I carry a cell phone, a gallon of water, and a small pistol to dissuade snakes or coyotes from bothering me. I parked off the beaten path a bit, got out of my jeep, and began walking into the desert toward what looked to be a great spot for distance-viewing. To get there I had about an hour's work in front of me, hiking slowly uphill toward the ridgeline. At one point I stumbled and when I reached out to grab a boulder to stay my fall, a rattlesnake shot out from under that same rock, and while attempting to not get bitten I tripped and twisted my ankle while falling. The mind-shattering pain was intense and quickly began getting worse. I could barely drag myself, as the path was not conducive to crawling as a way to traverse it. When the eternally-blazing sun was directly above me, I was lying there on my back and wondering if this then was where some future hikers might find my bleached-bones as they lay scattered from animals...

I wrote some last thoughts to my family and lay back, awaiting my sure demise...and I dreamed...

I dreamed that a little old native-American found me as I lay there on the desert floor in my dehydrated and disconsolate condition. I dreamed that he escorted me a few hundred feet to be blocked from further hiking by the side of a mountain below the ridge I had planned to hike toward. He pulled some bushes apart and half-carried me inside what appeared at first to be an outcropping of cliff but which in reality turned out to be a rather large-sized cavern. Inside there was cool water which tasted great and which had been filtered through eons-old lava beds under the surface of the area. There was one other person in that part of the cave, near the entrance, a middle-aged female. Then I dreamed that she was washing my face and putting something very comforting on my ankle. That's when in my dream I fell asleep...

I awoke from my dream and didn't know where I was or what time it was, as it was so very dark. That's when I saw a corner leading to another passageway and a very small campfire, and noticed that I was in a cave just like in my dream. When I saw the woman-nurse and then saw the Native-American, I thought at first that I was still dreaming. Then it hit home that the dream was a reality and my reality was the dream. The woman spoke to me in flawless English, and immediately brought to me some more of the sweet, cool, water. She told me that the "little old man" was in fact a well respected Shaman who was living inside the mountain, as he had for years, just as had his father and father's father before him.

Then I must have dozed-off, as the very next thing I remember was seeing the Shaman's face being close to mine and his whispering into my ear: "I have awaited your arrival my son, and as soon as you are well enough we shall begin preparing you for your true life's work." I remember trying to ask "What life's work...?" when I must have nodded-off 'cause when I next became aware of where I was there was neither the Shaman nor the woman within my range of vision. As I lay there trying to figure out why I was still alive and exactly who these people were, the woman approached me and beckoned me to follow her. My foot hurt a lot less than I would have imagined considering it had only been one day, and I told her so. She looked amused, and told me "I am called "Rain", you were brought in here by Shaman eight days ago. You have been recuperating while you slept, and you were able to sleep long enough due to the tribal herbs which were dissolved in your food and water." I pondered this as we made our way to where the Shaman was, which was at the edge of the cave's entrance, subdued in shadows but able to see in all directions leading to that cave.

After sitting beside Shaman (he was the Shaman, and was a Shaman, but I learned to just refer to him as "Shaman" without the "the" prefix. And what follows are the words he said to me, in as close to the way he spoke them as possible. And by listening I became damned to an eternity of torment, as what Shaman said seemed to me to be a combination of madness and science-fiction. But I digress, and will now return to my relaying what it was that he said to me that has un-nerved me in such a fashion as this. You see, if Shaman is right then we all have less time than we think before everything we know and respect comes crashing down around our ears and society as we have come to understand it will never be the same. After. After what? After the following...

Thus the Shaman spoke:
"The forces of evil have always waged war against the forces of goodness, this is no secret. But the forces of evil are now more dangerous than at any other time in the history of man. The technological revolution has been usurped by the forces of darkness and despair, who have been orchestrating the downfall of anything good in order that they only are allowed to exist. The key to their success is the fact that they have done a truly remarkable job of getting everyone to believe that their evilness does not even exist. They have gained control over all matters medical, of transportation, of monetary value, of energy, and in many places of water, food, and even breathable air. They want only children of those proven loyalty to their cause, and have been setting up fail-safes in order to expedite these things. Today we see children on brain-altering medications at the urging of their government. Men are becoming decreasingly able to father children due to the variety of medications their doctors have prescribed in "good faith". These men must pay a lot of money that insurance does not cover for sexual-enhancement drugs. It is estimated that by the year 2046 the only men having sex will either be those whom can afford it or those whom are on the "A" list. The destruction of the family unit removes most of the civilized constraints which a healthy society or community needs so very badly so as not to slide into primitive chaos, anarchy, and the resulting mayhem. But that is just the beginning, and I can see that you are tired. We will pick up here where we left off, at our next meeting. You must now go back inside our ancestral home and heal further; Rain's medicinals will help you to heal why you sleep, and you should think clearly about what I have just told you, for your firm understanding of what I tell you next depends on your ability to absorb what I tell to you"...

End of Chapter One


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