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Calendar of Events

NH Mensa doesn't host events.  No, really, it's true. Our members do. (Well, except for our RG and Executive Committee meetings.) If you don't see the type of event you'd like to attend, well...? Do ya need an invitation to send out an invitation? Sign up for our Announce list, and get the word out. Oh, and let the Calendar Editor and Webmaster know so we can help, too. (Momentum Calendar deadline is the first of the month prior to the month of publication. The Webmaster is generally ecstatic to get a listing before the event actually occurs...)

Current members of NH Mensa receive the scintillating monthly Momentum newsletter (including the complete calendar details, which can also be found here in our Members Only section version), and officially, events aren't open to the public (although we've been known to invite the next table over... ;-) ). Therefore, unless requested otherwise by the host, we leave the details on this public calendar a bit vague, allowing it to serve as a memory jogger, and as an overview for Mensans visiting from other chapters.

Events are, of course, always open to all Mensa members and guests. If you're already a member of another Mensa chapter (your American Mensa member credentials will gain you access to our own Members Only section and its unredacted Momentum Calendar), or are a prospective member and would like further details, contact our SIGHT Coordinator or Proctor Coordinator, respectively.

Current Month Calendar in PDF Format

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