Granite Gathering: Phant-M of the Night
February 18 - 20, 2005
Photographs by Al Beecy, Ahmet Buharali, Ken Gacioch, & Marghretta McBean. So far...
Captions by Deluxe

Yes, in fact this shot is obligatory. Surprise, surprise! A.B.

"Well, of course we wish to be pampered. But this is just decadent! Isn't it...?" A.B.

Seriously, when you get here this early, it's your own fault that there's no proper food out yet... A.B.

Without the Music Room, life, itself, would be impossible.
(Thanks, Bob!) M.B.

Barbecue. It's what's for dinner! Keep an eye on that gargoyle, though. I've heard stories... A.B.

"There! Look, look! I've proven it statistically! RG attendees are smarter, better looking, and... Oh... No, that can't be right..." A.B.

"OK, this finger is loaded: it's got a nail in it, and I'm not afraid to use it. Gimme chocolate!" A.B.

"No, no. I'm certain that resonance is the 4th harmonic. The 5th would have shattered my glasses by now..." A.B.

The face that launched a thousand retreating paddleboats. And, hey! There's Ann, too! Hi, Ann! K.G.

"Listen up, you maggots! We're gonna dance, and it's gonna be fun! Ya got me?"

Oh, the humanity! Isn't this against the Geneva Conventions or somethin'? M.B.

"Welcome! Come in! It's just a friendly game. Sit by me! Bwa-ha-ha-haa!" A.B.

"May I interest you in some knowledge?" A.B.

"Hmm... I got nothin'." A.B.

"...and that's why I use...
'Lectric Shave!"


There are still no
pictures of Eric.
Eric has left the building-- er, state. Hemi-continent, actually...


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