Granite Gathering
February 15 - 17, 2002
Photographs by Tom Rankin and Al Church
Captions by Deluxe

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Did I turn off
the iron...?

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You mean this is all
for us...?

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Tell me again,
why do bagels have
to have a hole...?

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OK, one more time.
Rock breaks sissors,
cuts paper, covers rock.

02NHRG10w.jpg (23051 bytes)
...and then I took an axe
to the monitor and...

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No, really. If you stare
at it long enough, you'll
see Jerry Garcia!

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Hang on. I know I can
get a high C out of
this thing...

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I'll have time. All
the time I need...

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I'll wager 20 quatloos
on the newcomers

02NHRG05w.jpg (17815 bytes)
I know something
they don't know...

02NHRG13w.jpg (15839 bytes)
You can never be quite
sure who's having more
fun in the kids' room.

02NHRG14w.jpg (18051 bytes)
OK, as I understand
the theory, all we need
now is a battery and
some CoolWhip...

02NHRG15w.jpg (25091 bytes)
Man, I could get
used to this...

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Oh, baby, tell
me about it!

02NHRG17w.jpg (10311 bytes)
Trade ya my shirt
for your hat?

02NHRG19w.jpg (15063 bytes)
A-a-and this..., this is
my friend... Harvey.
Say hello, Harvey.

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Hey, ya wanna be serious,
go somewhere else!

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Gentlemen, start your
digestive engines!

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You are sooo gonna
love this banquet!

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So, you're telling me
you've found a better
breakfast beer?

IMG_2957.JPG (34384 bytes)
I can't believe I ate
the whole thing...

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If it gets any better
than this, it's probably
already illegal.

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Chris Elliot
Biting social and political
satire. Just 2 of the
services I offer...

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The last time I saw
something like that, I
hadn't slept in 6 days!

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We pronounce this RG
another rousing success!

There are still no
pictures of Eric.

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