RG With No Name
February 16 - 18, 2001
Photographs by Bill Alleman

Registration -- Come on, you want some of this!

The hordes descend.

Our fearless RG leader holds court and food.

Warm & fuzzy Hall-SIG.

Gamers can take it sooo seriously...

The calming peace of a pristine chocolate field.

"Odd. I never noticed her in there before..."

Sour cream and alcohol. The stuff of life.

Mark this well. You won't see Linda not working very often.

Mensans recreate a mid-70's pop album cover.

Will evangelizes against the evils of demon inferior stout.

Les dispels myths. Who knew dessert wines didn't need whipped cream?

"Okay, who put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?"

There are no pictures of Eric.

Sue surveys her Hospitality domain, and sees that it is good.


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